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A “Power Source” In Your Hands.

This 10 in 1 Flashlight Can Save Your Life.

patriot beacon flashlight in colors

The Patriot Beacon Series flashlights have changed the way we think and use flashlights. Now with 10 tools built into a single quality device, these flashlights are more focused on personal protection than any ever before.

Among the 10 features, self-rescue tools have been equipped for any type of situation. Tools such as a window hammer, seat belt cutter, personal safety alarm & a rugged compass, plus this flashlight is equipped with 6 crisp, bright lighting modes.

The Patriot Beacons Advanced Charging System is designed to charge when power is inaccessible. For the Beacon to be 100% off-grid it needed to be equipped with high-grade Solar Panels. This allows you to have a power source not only to charge the device itself but to charge your mobile devices when power is unavailable for days or weeks.

This is Truly the Swiss Army Knife of Flashlights.

bright-flashlight icon

Superior Brightness

solar charge icon

Solar/USB Charge

emergency lights

Blue/Red Emergency

seat belt cutter

Seat Belt Cutter

battery powerbank icon

Built-in Power Bank

Personal Safety alarm sound

4 Powerful Sirens

detachable compass icon

Detachable Compass

LED Lightbar

LED Lightbar

window hammer

Window Hammer

strong magnet

Strong Magnet

Powerful Light

patriot beacon bright light

Powerful Flashlight

The Patriot Beacon series is the last flashlight you’ll ever need to purchase. It’s built for any type of use – from outdoor night-time activities to home or auto maintenance, to extreme usage during a natural disaster or other external force. Our Patriot Beacons are built to perform when it’s important. The series is made from high-grade materials to ensure you receive the best quality and performance. Because we only use Premium LEDs, you can expect longer luminescent life, longer battery life, and brighter, crisper lighting than any other flashlight. The Patriot Beacon is your go-to flashlight for any need or occasion. It is ergonomic, lightweight, and superiorly durable, and has up to 800 lumens and a 1095 meter lighting distance. Whether for regular, everyday use, or use during the most uncertain times, you can always rely on the Patriot Beacon to be there when you need it.

Main Light Functions

full bright light

100% Power

half bright icon

50% Power

flashlight gif icon

Strobe Light

Reasons to Consider the Patriot Beacon

Car Trouble?

road hazard warning lights

Alert Passing Drivers with
Blue/Red Emergency Lighting.

car warning lights

Caught in a Bad Situation?

caught in bad situation

Escape with the Built-in Tools.

car emergency tool

Need to Call for Help?

alert sound for help

Turn on the Built-in Alarm.

built in personal safety alarm

Built for Patriots to Survive

Navy Flag

The Patriot Beacon is a NO Brainer!

flashlight comparison HaloXT

Unlimited Charging

Never waste money on batteries again!

Solar Powered Flashlight

The Patriot Beacon Flashlights are designed with every aspect in mind. What good is a rechargeable flashlight when you’re experiencing a power outage that could last days? The answer is it’s no good at all and just creates another problem to solve. We’re here to create solutions, not problems. With our built-in solar panel, you can go off-grid without power for days or even weeks and still have the comfort of knowing your Patriot Beacon Flashlight can work with solar power.

Charging the Patriot Beacon can easily be accomplished with the built-in solar panel or the included micro-USB charging cord. Charging with the included cable is the optimal charging method as it can charge your Patriot Beacon to 100% in less than 4 hours.

Law Enforcement's Insist You Keep One in Your Vehicle

police car flashlight

Tools to Escape From a Bad Situation

Seat Belt Cutter

seat belt cutter

Window Hammer

Detachable Compass

detachable compass

Built-in Power Bank


Built-in Power Bank

With a built-in 3000mAh Power Bank to power the Patriot Beacon and all its features, plus it’s capable of charging your mobile devices anywhere! Perfect for ensuring that even when you are roughing it out in the woods, you’re able to charge your mobile device. Compatible with Android phones, tablets and as well as iPhones and iPads.

Get the #1 Tactical Solar Flashlight on the Market!

Patriot Beacon

Starting at $37.95


Patriot Beacon Mini

Starting at $27.95

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