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Patriot Beacon Flashlight Reviews

Review by Dalton

"The Patriot flashlight is amazing!!! The multitude of features from the solar or USB charging, powerbank capability, ear piercing siren, glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, to the compass, super strong magnet or bright LED work bar on the side, makes it a no brainer for any vehicle, home, or bug out bag in your possession. I HIGHLY recommend this thing. You will NOT be disappointed!!!"

Review by Karen

"I ordered a few of these lights for me and my family for emergency situations and they’ve already paid off. We lost power due to storms and with the lights we were able to charge our phones and have light in our dark time. The red and blue emergency lights helped to entertain the kids and keep them calm during the storm. I’ve already ordered a few more for gifts!"

Review by Tim

"Bought the Patriot Flashlight for a hunting trip and it was a great purchase. The led bar made a great nightlight for my 8 yr old son. Was really glad it’s waterproof as my son dropped it in a stream and I thought it was done for. Super bright and very durable light!"

Review by Paul

"Both Jared and Jessica with customer service took the time to make sure that our 2 flashlights were delivered to us in a timely manner! And this Flashlight is unbelievable! Works great and has all the features you would ever need as a survival flashlight and then some! Thanks again,Jared and Jessica"

Review by James

"Ordered this flashlight and it’s freaking awesome! Has tons of features and feels very tough. The alarm is ridiculously loud. The magnet holds great on my car and provides great light! I was honestly surprised with how this light performed for the price I paid. Totally recommend to anyhow are thinking of buying!!!"

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