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Stay Prepared with the Admiral Survival Kit

the admiral survival kit

Comprised of 12 select pieces to create the Ultimate Survival Kit. The Admiral Survival Kit is intended to be used not only in emergency situations but in everyday life. Store one in your car, bag and even in your desk at work. One of the many perks of having the Admiral Survival Kit at hand is the peace of mind that comes with it. Knowing that whatever may come your way, whether it be a car accident, power outage, or you simply need a pen, the Admiral Survival Kit is there to cover your SIX, keep you safe, and prepared.

The Arsenal

Tactical Survival Knife

A 4-inch Tactical Knife with a fixed window hammer and a rope cutter are one of the many essentials in this survival kit. Made of high-grade stainless steel, the knife is built for any situation you may need. With a serrated blade, you can easily cut rope, branches, rubber, thin metal and so much more. In emergency situations, the window hammer can free you in a matter of seconds.

  • Stainless Steel 4 inch Blade
  • Serrated Blade
  • Rope Cutter
  • Steel Window Breaker
  • Bottle Opener
Tactical Pen

Tactial Pen

  • 2 function Tactical Pen
  • Hardened Steel tipped window breaker
  • Smooth round top pen


  • 300 Lumens
  • High beam, Low beam, Strobe
  • Waterproof/Drop-Proof
  • Zoomable
  • No batteries included
Fire Starter

Fire Starter

  • Quickly strike to ignite a roaring fire
  • Handle for easy grip and secure hold
  • MM/KM ruler engraved on scratcher
Bottle holder

Water Bottle Holder

  • Carry your water around hands-free
  • Secure a water bottle to your belt, bag and more
  • Fits most bottles
Dual Chamber Whistle

Dual-chamber Whistle

  • Dual-chamber for double the effect of 1 blow
  • Loud, Piercing 120 decibels can be heard from long distances
  • Durable body made of aluminum alloy
Emergency Chain Saw

Hand Chain Saw

  • Sharp Teeth for quick easy cutting
  • Capable of cutting Wood, Plastic, Bone, Rubber, Soft metal
  • Compact easy to store

Multi Card Tool

The Multi-Tool Card is made up of 11 mini tools to give you access to tools that you normally would never think about. From a flathead screwdriver to a bottle opener. It’s all available at your fingertips, and yet it's the perfect size to store anywhere, even in your wallet.

survival multi card

5-in-1 Survival Bracelet

Our Survival Bracelet is another amazing product that's focused on keeping you safe and prepared. It has several feet of 550lb paracord, a compass, whistle, and a quick start magnesium fire starter. Perfect for hikes and any outdoor activity.

Survival Bracelet

admiral with lighter

What's in the box:

  • The Arsenal (Knife)
  • Dual-chamber Whistle
  • Hand Chain Saw
  • Tactical Pen
  • Flashlight
  • Large Ferrocerium Rod Flint (fire starter)
  • Steel Striker with Ruler & Bottle Opener
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • 11-in-1 Multi-Card Tool
  • 5-in-1 Survival Bracelet
  • Shockproof Case