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3 Function Flashlight

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USB Rechargeable

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New Lighter Technology

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Superior Durability

Never Buy Another Lighter Again

Discover The Alpha Lighter 2.0. Think of it: A Fuelless, Flameless, Electric, Rechargeable Lighter with a Built-in, Superiorly Bright 3 setting LED flashlight. Fiercely Tested and Proven to work in any weather condition, heavy rain, high winds, and even after being submerged in water for weeks. This lighter’s durability is unmatchable and simply impressive.

waterproof & windproof lighter

Windproof & Waterproof

The Wind & Water Proof aspects provide a true EDC lighter that can be used anywhere, anytime & in any circumstance. By eliminating the use of butane and instead using a strong electrical current, you receive benefits that simply make this lighter Life-Changing. By using the electrical current the lighter can easily stay lit in winds above 50 mph & the lighter can be submerged for up to an hour and still perfectly light a fire.

A Lighter Like No Other

Start a Fire Quickly

Lighting a Flame with the Alpha 2.0 is simply effortless. Using No Fuel & No Flames, the Alpha Lighter can withstand high strength winds with no problems! This allows you peace of mind knowing that on your next family camping trip, regardless of wind speeds you can easily light the campfire, every night!

Built-in Flashlight

A built-in LED flashlight with 3 functions for when you need it. Superiorly bright using a 150 Lumen Cree bulb. High Beam, Low Beam, & Strobe.

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No Fuel Needed

A rechargeable lighter can do more for you than any butane lighter could ever do! The Alpha lighter can light 300 times on a single charge and charges in about 2 hours.

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No Other Lighter Comes Close

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What's in the box:

  • Alpha Lighter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Owner's Manual

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